From: Mike Wolff.
Subject: High George!
Hey george i just wanted to say hi finally and tell you how much of and
inspiration you are to me. My senior year of high school i developed
ulcerative colitis which is an intestinal disorder and had to have a total
collectamy where the removed my colon, i spent three months in the hospital
and had an illeostomy for three months, so i can definately sypathize with
you. I started into bodybuilding shortly before i got sick and continued
the febuary after my reversal and healing of my j-pouch, and had my ostomy
reversal in october of 2004. I continued training in febuary of 2005 at the
age of 18, im doing much better and you have given me hope with your
scarring and story much luck truely are an inspiration and will
continue to train with you in my mind and spirit. I hope to eventually make
a career out of the sport but i know i have a long road ahead of meand plan
to do this for life. I currently attend la roche college in Pittsburgh Pa
and am majoring in psychology, and was going to compete in teen nationals
this year but i decided to hold off, my trainer is Bill Wilmore's cousin and
has helped me alot. I would love to meet you one day George and will
continue to pray for succes in your career and this years Olympia...P.S. you
deserved much better placing this year, in my oponion you looked tighter and
dryer than ever. If you are ever in Pittsburgh let me know bro