Meet George at:

  • Europa Super Show: 8/10-11, Dallas
  • IFBB North American Championships: 8/31 - 9/1, Cleveland
  • Olympia Weekend: 9/28-29, Las Vegas
  • NPC Nationals: 11/16-17 , Dallas
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UPDATE 12/7:
I want to congratulate my clients on their fine job at the Nationals. It was disappointing at the same time, because so many were so close to getting their pro card. Peter Putman took 2nd in the Light Heavies, Tammy Patnode the Lightweights, Grigori Atoyan 2nd in the Super Heavies, Abbas Khatami 4th in the Heavies, Monty Mabry 4th in the Light Heavies - I'm getting depressed just writing about it, so let me stop here and apologize for not mentioning everyone's name. WAIT 'TILL NEXT YEAR!

I want to congratulate my clients on their fine job at the North American. Mike horn finally got what he deserved, a masters overall win and pro status. His wife Jan took her class and came so close to getting her card too. She will get her card no later then next year 's Masters Nationals!

Monty Mabry's second place finish was his highest ever - next year we need to work together for more than 8 weeks! In 2008 he will be a force to reckon in whatever show he decides to enter! Kirk De Francesco moved up class and he looked amazing - but I will need more then 4 weeks to get him his pro card next year :). Michele Dennis, hang in there sweetie you've had to many second place finishes. I know that their is a first place for you next year and pro card with it!

Congratulations to all of my friends and clients on for the results they achieved in the Summer NPC shows.

USAs: DeShaun Grimez won the Heavyweight Class at the USAs to earn his pro card. Catherine Anderson is also now an IFBB pro, winning her class in figure and the overall title.

Light heavy weight winner Peter Putnam won the Light Heavies - I promise you he will get his card at the Nationals this year. Welterweight winner Mark Harris won his class also and is going to be tough to beat at the Nationals too. And to my favorite client Kevin Tomasini, you will get the respect you deserve at the North American show coming up at the end of the month. Rudy Richards had another top ten finish in the Super Heavies - I have a plan for you and your card is coming soon!

Team Universe: Congratulations to Hazale Nelson for getting her pro card at the Team Universe C Class in Pittsburg.

Master Nationals: Mike Horn took a close second in the Super Heavies as did his wife Jan in her class. I promise you'll both go pro soon. Also, congratulations to my beautiful client and friend Michele Dennis for taking a close second in her class. And to my big brother Anthony Finocchiaro, who has always listened and believed in me - Welcome to the IFBB!

UPDATE 6/5: As promised, George showed up much improved at the Colorado Pro, taking 6th overall. George will taking the rest of the year to train and come back at nothing less than number 1 in 2008

UPDATE 5/29: George at the Keystone Classic I want to thank my fans for all of their support. I did my best to be on that stage in the best shape that I can be without hurting myself. The doc gave me the OK to train for the show only 10 weeks out, so I basically had 6 weeks to diet down. I hope this weekend you will see something different at the Colorado show.

I also want to thank Optimum Nutrition and American Bodybuilding for all of their support. They are a super company with a great products and they are an awesome crew to work for.