It's been proven & a lot of research has been done that between 8 and 12 reps and I don't think you should do any part for more than 12 reps. I've said it numerous times. If you are in the gym more than 45 minutes than you are either talking or wasting time with your buddy, or doing something that you're not supposed to do. One half an hour to 45 minutes and your workout should be done and you grow at home. Remember guys you do not grow in the gym you grow while you are resting and eating right.

Here's my Mass Building Program:

5:30 am: 1 Serving of Serious Mass and 4 Creatine 2500 Caps.
Total = 1,250 calories

7:00 am: 3 Scoops of Anabolic Milk Protein / 1 cup oatmeal / 4 Fish Oil Softgels.
Total = 850 calories

10:00 am: 2 cups rice / 8 oz. chicken / 1 Scoop of Pro Complex.
Total = 750 calories

1:00 pm: 1 Serving of Whey MRP / 10 oz. potato.
Total = 555 calories

2:30 pm Work out.

4:00 pm: 1 Serving of Serious Mass, 4 Creatine 2500 Caps, 2 PerforMaxx multivitamin capsules.
Total = 1100 calories

6:00 pm: 10 oz. potato / 8 oz. steak / 1 Scoop of Pro Complex.
Total = 800 calories

9:00 pm: 1 cup oatmeal / 2 Servings of Pro Complex PM / 4 Evening Primrose Oil Softgels.
Total = 580 calories*

* Please note that George is a professional bodybuilder who weighs well over 200 lbs, has been training and dieting for nearly 2 decades, and did not jump into this high caloric diet overnight. While this diet works very well for George, if you are not accustomed to consuming large volumes of food, please adjust the servings (and times to fit your training schedule) downward and build up gradually over time in order to allow your body to adjust to the additional calories