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04/12/2006 High George! Mike Wolff. read it
03/09/2006 It was a pleasure meeting you Bob read it
02/28/2006 Inspiration! Sean read it
10/09/2005 Congratulations! Ryan Calhoun read it
10/08/2005 Congratulations! Jonathan Fernández read it
10/08/2005 back where you belong! "Dennis Lee" read it
10/05/2005 Congratulations George! Anthony Sbriglia read it
08/15/2005 Congratulations "Jean-Paul DESHAYES" read it
07/22/2005 Thanks... "Brad Hewitt" read it
04/21/2005 Good luck for the NY Show! Jonathan Fernández read it
04/20/2005 All the best Charles Benner read it
04/05/2005 Hope u feel better Ashraf Abuleil read it
04/04/2005 Inspiration Sean read it
04/02/2005 A Greeting and A Prayer Greg Hendricks" read it
02/12/2005 Thanks for existing. Martin Stepetin read it
12/16/2004 Thank you Henry Iwasa read it
11/24/2004 To GURU of bodybuilding Tony Stajrer read it
11/23/2004 Paradise Cup show Rebecca Hicks read it
11/22/2004 arm wrestling in Dallas Robyn Boullard read it
11/20/2004 Met you and Art in Dallas Michelle G read it
11/19/2004 Gon Shop June read it
11/16/2004 George Victor Farah. Joe Rorke read it
11/10/2004 Awsome Results!!! George Petalas read it
10/30/2004 Hi George Kevin read it
10/25/2004 We have something in common... Erik Mara read it
10/20/2004 Hi CASEY read it
10/20/2004 Inspiration Sean read it
10/02/2004 GOOD LUCK Ansar read it
07/05/2004 Thank you IFBB PRO SIMON COHAN read it
07/05/2004 Well Done bro Ian GTO read it
07/05/2004 Arnold Classic! Maruan David read it
07/05/2004 Thanks. Mihir Torsekar read it
07/01/2004 Big Fan Travis Calvi read it
06/25/2004 Jr. Nats... thanks Amanda Dunbar read it
06/15/2004 great recent physique "weziaclaude" read it
06/15/2004 Inspiration Sean Guss read it
06/06/2004 GNC show! Howard White read it
06/03/2004 Great George!!! Alegandro read it
05/24/2004 U R Great Ashraf Abuleil read it
05/22/2004 Best Regards Matt read it
03/14/2004 The lions only CAN come from one place... Andreas read it
03/13/2004 The lions only CAN come from one place... Andreas read it
03/10/2004 Plaise train me! Ko read it
03/08/2004 Thanks Mihir Torsekar read it
07/02/2003 Inspiration Robert Hanzel read it
06/30/2003 Thank you. David Price read it
06/08/2003 Hey George Greg read it
04/04/2003 Hello from Michigan Marlise read it
03/20/2003 The Best Jim Snow read it
02/19/2003 Inspiration/Colitis Mike read it
12/09/2002 Great Job! Albert. read it
11/30/2002 U are splendid! Prakash read it
11/28/2002 You can recover ! Howard White read it
10/29/2002 MR. O Hennie Blaauw read it
10/28/2002 Comments on the photogallery George Egermayer read it
10/26/2002 Comments. David Boston read it
10/25/2002 Hi George Anne read it
10/20/2002 Best Wishes David read it
10/14/2002 POUND FOR POUND THE BEST Tom Wilmer read it
10/13/2002 Shredded! Tom Corcoran. read it
10/10/2002 HELLO FROM LONDON !!! Mandeep read it
10/05/2002 Web-site Jim read it
10/03/2002 Have a great time at the Mr. O!!! Joel Calgary read it
10/02/2002 YOU! Brian read it
10/01/2002 Huge Improvements. Guillermo. read it
09/29/2002 Looking good George. Ricky read it
09/28/2002 Good Luck Eric Mills read it
09/28/2002 Good luck. Joe Choong read it
09/27/2002 Good luck. Pete Franks read it
09/27/2002 Mr O. Rachid El Bachiri read it
09/23/2002 Looking great. Jeff Burke read it