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Past News

UPDATE 5/28: Congratulatons to my clients who competed at the NY Pro. Kai Greene dominated the field and Robert Burneika qualified for the Olympia in his pro debut, taking 5th in the open class. Gentlemen, I keep my promises! Also a big congrats to my brother Jose Raymond on his best showing ever, I'm proud of you brother.


3/6: Congratulations to my clients Branch Warren, Winner of the 2011 Arnold Classic, and Johnnie Jackson who achieved what was in the shape of his life and the runner up at the Australian Grand Pro

10/22: Welcome to the IFBB Robert Burneika, Amber DeFrancesco, Fred Smalls - My winning clients at the 2010 NPC Nationals! Also congratulations to my good friend and new IFBB pro Victor Prisk.

8/14: Big Essa wins the Dallas Europa Pro. The only man to win his pro card and a pro show in the same year!

7/24: 7th at the Europa Pro in Hartford. New videos added.

10/9: George is proud to join the Muscular Development team. Visit him at the MD forums by clicking on the link below:

10/7: A big congrats on to Branch Warren, on taking second at the Olympia and I promise that I will not stop until you win the O!

I am not taking on any new figure competitors. Currently I'm working with Betty Pariso, Debbie Laszweski, Branch Warren, Cathy LeFrancois, Chandra Coffey, Danielle Kifer, Dennis James, Tammy Patnode, Grigori Atoyan, Marcus Haley, Craig Richardson, Deshaun Grimez, Frank McGrath, Peter Putnam, Jeff "Box" Long, Charles Dixon, Wendell Floyd and many more to mention.

UPDATE 9/30: Dennis James takes two in a row, way to go brother.


Also congratulations to Wendell Floyd who took the overall at the Team Universe to finally get his pro card. You're going to make a better pro than you were an amateur! And to Danielle Kifer who took the team universe title too! I'm proud of you baby.

congratulations to new pros Shawn Rhoden and Tammy Padnode - your North American Victories were well earned. Also congrats to Abbas Khatami for winning a tough super weight class and taking his first national title. And to Robert Calin for taking the Super Heavy Masters this year. And to Amy Sibcy for taking the middleweight open class, and second in the masters light!

Brian Yersky, I'm going to bring you into the the nationals bigger without sacraficing your condition - better than 5th guaranteed.

8/28: Congratulations to Betty Pariso who won the women bodybuilding title and Dennis James on winning Men's title in Tampa - and then Dennis came back again to win a week later in Dallas. Also congrats to my boy and fellow ON/ABB Rok Dixon on taking second in the men 202 and under in Dallas and earning a trip to the Olympia. You're going to be the big suprise in Vegas this year!

UPDATE 7/31: I want to send a congrats to my clients on their fine job at Teen Nationals. Ben won the overall, but they took the title away because he was 3 days over his birthday. Not his fault... the promoter's policy is to give a 30 day grace period in his shows, but that's not the NPC policy as they found out later. Still happy to see that he Also did Collegian. Matt Salamone on his second place finish in the teen and Collegiate... great job brother you will get your pro card at very young age. Anthony Pazzuolo on his third place findh and George McCraith on his 4th place finish in the light weight, I am very proud of my boys.

USA, Congrats to my good friend Grigori Atoyan, I told you brother that this is going to be the year that you will earn your pro card and you did. Fred Smalls, what an awsome showing bro 3rd place in the heavy, I promise to do everything in power to get you that nationals overall! Proud of my boy Daniel, for his 4th place finish in the Welter Class... next time you will win it especially that you only give it 95% ;).

To all my other guys (every single one of them made the top 10 in a very competive field), I promise that next time your names will be added to the rest of champions that I have made. Also to my girl Amy Sibcy, on her great showing at the masters nationals bodybuiding middle weight 3rd place finish and believe me, you deserved to win the whole show, and you will do it at the N.A.

5/4/09: Georges gets fifth place at the Pittsburg 202 Pro.

4/22: George takes 7th at the Europa Pro

12/08: My long time friend and client Peter Putnam finally got his pro card by dominating the Light heavy weight class. Proud of you brother.

Chulsey had his best placing ever, taking third in the Light Heavies. I promise you brother that you're time is coming soon.

Ronald, I'm more disappointed then you brother. You deserve way better then fourth and to be honest I really had you wining the Middle weight class. Either way this is your best placing ever and your pro card will be in your hand no later then nextyear.

Fred Smalls, I know that you deserved better than fifth in that heavy weight class even though it was your best placing ever. The 2009 USA is going to be a total different story, trust me.

Grigory Atoyan, so close but yet so far. I'm sorry brother, I really thought that we did it this time. Next show you will get your card no matter who shows up and that is my promise to you.

Tammy, I'm so sorry sweetie. Can't get any closer then that - tying for first place in the light weight bodybuilding and lost by a tie breaker. Next year, no one is going to come even near you.

Danielle, we both know that you deserve that pro card even that you ended up in fourth place in that figure C class but at least now they know that you're coming. The Team Universe is yours and I promise that you will get your pro card. All and all I'm so proud of all of my clients and looking forward for another year of success with your all. Your friend and trainer

10/08: George took 5th at the 2008 Olympia Showdown on 9/25. It was a controversial decision; some had him in the top 3 with his superior conditioning. Here's photos of George on stage at the Olympia

9/08: I just got back from the North American Championships and my guys all did very well there, including my newest IFBB pro, Marc Lavoie. Mark won both the Masters and Open overall, something that had never been done before. Honestly, I would have liked to see one of the other guys I'm working with get their pro card too, but it's all up to the way the judges saw it and I respect that. Either one of my other two class winners would have made a great pro.

So also congratulations to Kirk and Chulsey, who took the Super Heavy and Light Heavy, respectively. I promise that you guys that you will both be pros in the very near future. Also a great showing for Victor Dean who finished in the top 5 of his class - next year will be a different story. My girl Janelle finished in the top five on her second show, ever (her first national show of course), she is going to be a treat in any show she is going to enter next year.

Can't forget about my big brother Dennis for winning the over 50 super heavy weight class… great stuff.

I'm going to be competing in the 202lbs and under to reclaim what I lost at the Europa. Bullet proof is looking for the number one spot at the Olympia 202lbs and under!

UPDATE 8/08: I took 5th in the 202 class at the Europa Pro - Photos. Congratulations to Bernadette Galvin and Hazal Nelson who had a much better Europa than I did, you finished 1-2 in the pro figure.

Congratulations to my friend and client Kathy Lee Priest on her best showing yet at the Arnold Classic and on wining the New York Pro. I promise that this year is going to be her best Olympia ever.

Also, congratulations to the my great friend and client Amber DeFransesco, for winning the overall bodybuilding Jr. Nationals. I promise that she is going to surprise everyone at the Nationals this year. Also, to Jake for taking the Middleweight by surprise and to Tim Rice, who took fifth at the JR. Nationals in the Light Heavy with the best conditioning in the show. And to my boy Bryan For taking 3rd in the Super Heavy at the Jr. USA and 4th in the JR. Nationals - next year he will get his pro card!

Congratulations to my friends and my clients Gus Carter and Vinny Galanti for earning their pro cards at the Master Nationals after years of hanging in there; it finally paid off for the both of you guys. Welcome to the IFBB. Also, congratulations to my boy Everet for taking second behind Gus. I know that he is going to be unbeatable at the North Americans. Also to the the 5th place finishers Joe and Dennis Dougherty for their great showing and I know that these 2 guys are going to be better then ever next year.

Congratulations to my friends and clients on the great showing at the USA. 2nd place finisher in the Super Heavy Kirk Defransisco, for his best placing ever and I promise that you'll be unbeatable at North Americans. 3rd to Super Heavy Grigori Atoyan, I promise you brother that no one is going to touch you at this year's Nationals. To Tamer, 4th place in Light Heavy, next year you're going to be a force to reckon with. 4th Middleweight Jake, next year it is going to be a different ball game, brother. 2nd place Welter for 'ma man' Victor, what a great showing brother and I promise you that next time you will bring the gold home.

UPDATE 12/7:
I want to congratulate my clients on their fine job at the Nationals. It was disappointing at the same time, because so many were so close to getting their pro card. Peter Putman took 2nd in the Light Heavies, Tammy Patnode the Lightweights, Grigori Atoyan 2nd in the Super Heavies, Abbas Khatami 4th in the Heavies, Monty Mabry 4th in the Light Heavies - I'm getting depressed just writing about it, so let me stop here and apologize for not mentioning everyone's name. WAIT 'TILL NEXT YEAR!

I want to congratulate my clients on their fine job at the North American. Mike horn finally got what he deserved, a masters overall win and pro status. His wife Jan took her class and came so close to getting her card too. She will get her card no later then next year 's Masters Nationals!

Monty Mabry's second place finish was his highest ever - next year we need to work together for more than 8 weeks! In 2008 he will be a force to reckon in whatever show he decides to enter! Kirk De Francesco moved up class and he looked amazing - but I will need more then 4 weeks to get him his pro card next year :). Michele Dennis, hang in there sweetie you've had to many second place finishes. I know that their is a first place for you next year and pro card with it!

Congratulations to all of my friends and clients on for the results they achieved in the Summer NPC shows.

USAs: DeShaun Grimez won the Heavyweight Class at the USAs to earn his pro card. Catherine Anderson is also now an IFBB pro, winning her class in figure and the overall title.

Light heavy weight winner Peter Putnam won the Light Heavies - I promise you he will get his card at the Nationals this year. Welterweight winner Mark Harris won his class also and is going to be tough to beat at the Nationals too. And to my favorite client Kevin Tomasini, you will get the respect you deserve at the North American show coming up at the end of the month. Rudy Richards had another top ten finish in the Super Heavies - I have a plan for you and your card is coming soon!

Team Universe: Congratulations to Hazale Nelson for getting her pro card at the Team Universe C Class in Pittsburg.

Master Nationals: Mike Horn took a close second in the Super Heavies as did his wife Jan in her class. I promise you'll both go pro soon. Also, congratulations to my beautiful client and friend Michele Dennis for taking a close second in her class. And to my big brother Anthony Finocchiaro, who has always listened and believed in me - Welcome to the IFBB!

UPDATE 6/5: As promised, George showed up much improved at the Colorado Pro, taking 6th overall. George will taking the rest of the year to train and come back at nothing less than number 1 in 2008

UPDATE 5/29: George at the Keystone Classic I want to thank my fans for all of their support. I did my best to be on that stage in the best shape that I can be without hurting myself. The doc gave me the OK to train for the show only 10 weeks out, so I basically had 6 weeks to diet down. I hope this weekend you will see something different at the Colorado show.

I also want to thank Optimum Nutrition and American Bodybuilding for all of their support. They are a super company with a great products and they are an awesome crew to work for.