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The Story

Unstoppable, focused and determined. This is George Farah, an internationally renowned wellness guru, nutrition consultant and fitness trainer with a successful career in the global field of bodybuilding. A true self-made man and a survivor of two fatal incidents, who now conveys his energy into widely spreading his own knowledge, for he wants people to be conscious of and to choose healthier alternatives to fully live their existence.
As for many, his journey into this world has never been an easy one and this is exactly the main reason of his professional and personal success. Indeed, he bears on his shoulders the weight of a frantic life plenty of setbacks, but also an uncommon wisdom, derived from all those times that he had to urge himself not to give up. Thus, George’s polyhedric character and multifaceted vision have enabled him to sympathize with a diverse clientele and to lead every single individual to outdo their goals for an even healthier life.

Starting from just a strong desire to survive and to fight for his future, George decided to take his life in his own hands and make something great out of it, which is precisely what he teaches to his trainees today. Born and raised in a war-torn Lebanon, he got forcibly acquainted with such notions as sacrifice, impotence and struggle.

Despite that, he was lucky to be surrounded by people who cared for him and who, through bodybuilding, showed him a way to survive when in the eye of a tornado and at just 14 years old he won his first title in Beirut. There, George learned to be a clever, empathetic and strong human being and he understood that nothing would have been impossible if he kept being focused on what mattered the most to him only and on his beliefs.

George has always dreamt big and, once landed in the USA, he found and walked the path to conquer the mountain peak. At first, he didn’t have anything, but his car to sleep in, a gym where to shower and his ambitions. Then, not without efforts, he entered the huge world of international bodybuilding competitions and he accessed the road to success as well, even though this fulfillment did not come without sweat and many battles to win. 

In fact, death knocked at his door two times, in the shape of bullets in 1997 and then, twenty years later, in that of a cancer and, even so, George faced it, never letting it overcome him.

Instead, he managed to quickly get back on track and to rebuild his life even better, improving every time more and more, to the point that nobody else could talk about resilience as he does.

Therefore, the whole of these past and present experiences gives George a profound sense of pride, joy and gratitude, especially for those three times on Mr. Olympia’s stage as well as for receiving a well-deserved Pro Card and for completing a PhD(c) in Integrative medicine.

Nowadays, George finds satisfaction and purpose in creating tailor-made programs for whoever seeks his professional guidance in terms of balanced nutrition, fitness training and overall wellness.

Moreover, he enjoys especially extended collaborations with flexible and hard-working people, as he is devoted to pass on his core values to others, in order for them to resist whatever challenge life would throw at them. 

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